Which is Evil, Money or Man?

Why is money called evil although money is good? Money is good for humans. Without money, no one can survive. This is why money is created to heal the sufferings of people. These are the reasons why money causes a person to become evil.

Human Greed. People want to become richer and richer. People only think of themselves this is why they do just to take money. In order to take money, they also have to push down others. This is why money is evil.

Human Obsession. People are obsessed to possess money without suffering. They want to take money easily without experiencing rags first. People are so obsessed with money in these days. In the past, a person is happy although he has nothing, but now is different.

Human Cruelty. People have become cruel because of money. A man can betray his brother even to the point of putting him to death because of possessions or money. How wicked this generation is? Is there a punishment greater than death for these kind of people? It is better to stay poor than to step on people just to be called rich.

Human Blindness. Humans are so blind that people do not see what is going to happen in the future. People do such things and say that they regret doing it when they almost reach the point of death. However, regret does not lead you to goodness. If we see what is happening, we refrain from doing wickedness. No matter what happens, we have to follow the dictate of the conscience.