Knowing the top 10 banks in the world as of June 2014

Most people have already been to banks as there are many transactions today that are made through banks. A bank is one entity that has a big role in the financial sector of an economy or an area that has their own functions. There are many kinds of banks also that you can see today and many do not have a clear understanding of it because of lack of education. That is why they just follow and use the banks that are popular to them.

In the video, you can see the different kinds of banks that have attained a rank in the list of the top ten banks. The record was for the year of 2014 and so the ranking might have changed when the article is being read in a different year. But these banks are also well known though not in every country they do have a big impact on the financial economy of the world because of the deposits and other investments that they have and one that they manage.

Each of the banks that belong on the list has been explained shortly. About its origin and others that you can know about it. Banks sometimes acquire other banks that have lesser assets so they could increase their overall assets and gain an advantage in the industry. They can be able to dominate some area or established a stronger influence than the time that they had not acquired the smaller bank.